seattle spider treatment

Seattle Spider Control

Our guaranteed Spider extermination service includes:

Inspect | Green recommendations | Spider Treatment | Prevent


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Inspect. DOMINION'S pest pro will inspect the home and grounds to determine the spider species and cause of the problem. The pest pro will then design a treatment program which will eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Green Recommendations & Treatment. DOMINION'S pest pro may recommend plant life control and/or other environmental corrections which will keep the spiders off of your house and out of your TV room! Treatment usually includes the attic and crawl spaces, exterior perimeter of the home and discretely placed traps on the inside of your home so you don't have to see them anymore!

Prevent. Once the spiders are removed from your home, let's not allow them back in. Let's maintain a repellant barrier around the outside of the house, knock down any webs and keep spider web inhibitor on the areas where they like to make their webs. This will ensure that you won't have to see them anymore!

DOMINION Pest Control will effectively treat all types of house spiders, and is your Seattle Spider exterminator, specializing in spider control and spider spraying, with fast service to Bellevue, Renton, Bothell, Issaquah and the greater Seattle area.