Leading Pest Issues

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Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats are the number 1 pest issue in our area. Are you one of the many, many people who have discovered this problem in your home? Not to worry. We can fix it! Dominion Pest Control provides experienced, professional service personnel. We know rodents. We know structures. We love to help people. See the 'Mice and Rats' page for more.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs had been almost non-existent for about the last 50 years. Now they have become one of the leading pest issues in the Seattle-Metro area. Dominion's extermination professionals have eliminated bed bugs in various settings. From single bedrooms or apartments to entire dorm facilities, we have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done.

Carpenter Ants

Number 2 pest in our area. Actually, they are becoming less and less of an issue every year. Better public awareness, building codes and treatment methods are making these guys (gals if you want to be technical!) are becoming less and less of a problem. When you choose to use Dominion to get rid of your Carpenter Ants, we will do a thorough, state approved inspection report in order to diagnose the problem. Based on that inspection, we will perform a guaranteed Carpenter Ant treatment which will rid your home of the ants for good.

Wasps, Bees & Hornets

Though beneficial to the environment, these pests are not welcome in most home environments! We have very earth-friendly, surgical treatment methods for taking care of the nests and making sure that they cannot come back. We offer services both for extermination of the nest and preventative treatment of the entire home to make sure they are not able to create any other nests on your home.


Spiders help control the other insects around your home. Unfortunately, the trade-off is having to have them around. That is not a trade that most people are willing to make! We can make sure that you stop seeing them.

Sugar Ants

I can't get rid of them! That is the sentiment we hear from most of our clients. They just want the ants gone. After having tried to solve the problem themselves unsuccessfully, they have had exterminators come out to deal with them and have failed to fix it. We can help. The problem is often diligence. Other pest service companies have access to the same treatment methods as we do; diligence is often what is lacking. You just need someone who cares enough to take care of you. That's us!


They are destroying your lawn. They are seemingly impossible to get rid of. We can help. New treatments have been developed and we are having awesome success with them. We have trained professionals who know how to find their home and execute treatments that will make the lawn destruction woes a thing of your past.


Your home or business cannot thrive with these pests around. They make you feel unsettled and they are definitely no good for business! Our proprietary cockroach treatment is guaranteed. We use 4 different treatments - NO SPRAYING! Your life is almost uninterrupted by the treatment and it is the most powerful method there is for exterminating cockroaches. Combined with good sanitation, this service leaves the roaches unable to survive in your home or business.