Carpenter Ants

Our Guaranteed Carpenter Ant extermination service includes:

Inspection | Green Recommendations | Treatment | Prevention

STARTING AT LESS THAN $250.00 Price is based on squarefootage.

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The most important thing for us to do is to determine what has caused the Carpenter Ants to be attracted to your house. The next most important thing is to determine the best method of control. We specialize in ant control in Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Bothell and Everett with an understanding of the local ant and pest populations, and successful local treatments. Our pest pro will perform a thorough, Washington State Approved inspection of your home and yard to determine the cause of the infestation and appropriate control methods.

Green Recommendations:

In conjunction with our treatment, we may have some environmental changes to suggest in order to keep the ants out of and away from your house. Those may be things such as moving fire wood that is stacked next to the house, trimming plant life in that is in contact with the siding or removal of soil which is too close to or in contact with siding of your home.

Ant Treatment:

Dominion's pest pro is trained to provide the most child and pet friendly treatment methods available on the market today. Our pro's are experienced. They know how to protect your home/structure and family/employees and customers while eliminating the Carpenter Ants.


Never Again! Once we have solved the problem, don't be lured into a false sense of security. There is no shortage of Carpenter Ants in our local ecosystem. They have now left a scent trail leading other Carpenter Ants to your house. Let's make sure this never happens again by maintaining a barrier treatment around the outside of the structure. DOMINION will ensure that this never happens again.

Brief Bio on Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter Ants are polymorphic (i.e. they come in lots of shapes and sizes within the colony). They are a large, usually black ant. Some species have reds and browns on them as well. Reproductive ants, which are the ones in the nest that have wings, are even bigger than the workers (females can be as big as 1 1/2 inches long). These ants are commonly mistaken for termites. An easy way to tell the difference is to count the wings. A Carpenter Ant reproductive (reproductive ants within the colony are the only ones that have wings) will have only 2 wings while a termite has 2 sets of 2 wings (4 total). The other ants in the nest vary in size from 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

One misconception that people have about Carpenter Ants is that the eat wood. Carpenter Ants do not eat wood, they only excavate the cellulose material creating galleries within which they live.This is a natural part of the life-cycle of trees in the forest. Carpenter Ants are naturally attracted to the wood in your home - especially wood that has been compromised by a leak or wood which is otherwise convenient for them because of proximity to food, etc.

Some things you can do to avoid creating an attractive situation at your home for Carpenter Ants are:

1. Make sure that the bottom of your siding is at lease 6 inches away from the soil.

2. Keep trees and other plant life in contact with your home.

3. Keep wood piles and other debris away from the siding.